This is Our Why

Every Therapist Counts

Every therapist at Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to making an impact on the patients they serve.

Lindsey Poynter, PTA

Meet Lindsey – 2020 Employee of the Year at a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. As a physical therapy assistant, Lindsey believes empowering patients to walk again is vital for rebuilding their lives.

“Lindsey leads the way in establishing teamwork among Resolute and hospital staff to accomplish patient mobility goals,” said Brian Hailey, Director of Rehabilitation. “Lindsey always goes the extra mile to build rapport with our patients and their loved ones by asking questions and learning about their stories.”

When caring for patients, Lindsey focuses on delivering respectful care backed by innovative methods. Through a personal connection, Lindsey motivates patients to accomplish their goals.

Lindsey is a graduate of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College and Southern Nazarene University.

“Resolute offers patients restoration of their body, mind, and function. Through rehabilitation, we’re the road to recovery for a better quality of life.”

– Lindsey Poynter

Every Patient Counts

Our patients are at the core of who we are.

Mr. Clark

After testing positive for COVID-19, Mr. Clark spent over a month in the ICU receiving ECMO to save his life. As Mr. Clark improved, he transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Upon admission, Mr. Clark required moderate to maximum assistance for his mobility and activities of daily living. He needed a tracheostomy tube to support his breathing, couldn’t eat food by mouth, and required a feeding tube for his nutrition. Over the next three weeks, Mr. Clark embraced his challenging treatment plan. He worked with nurses, rehabilitation, and respiratory therapists to rebuild his life. Upon discharge to his home, Mr. Clark was walking with a rolling walker for 25 feet and required set-up assistance for self-care activities. He was eating a regular diet and was weaned from the tracheostomy tube. After several months at home with his family, Mr. Clark returned to Resolute to share his appreciation. He is now fully independent!

Mr. Frank

After a car accident, Mr. Frank was rushed to the emergency room. He fractured his ribs and was placed on a ventilator after his lungs collapsed. When Mr. Frank transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Clear Lake, Texas, he remained on the ventilator, required total assistance for all his mobility, and received nutrients from a feeding tube. As part of Mr. Frank’s individualized treatment plan, Mr. Frank worked hard with the hospital’s respiratory therapists and was weaned from the ventilator! As Mr. Frank’s lungs improved, his endurance grew. With a helping hand from our Resolute team, he learned to walk for over 50 feet with a rolling walker! He continued this progress with our rehabilitation team, completed all self-care activities independently, and returned to a regular diet! We wish Mr. Frank the best as he continues his journey in inpatient rehabilitation!  

Mr. Woodruff

After falling off a ladder, Mr. Woodruff was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. When he transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Bossier City, Louisiana, for continued care, Mr. Woodruff required a tracheostomy tube to support his breathing and a feeding tube for nutrition. He couldn’t move or complete self-care activities without assistance. In the face of any challenge, Mr. Woodruff worked to rebuild his life. As the Resolute team rebuilt Mr. Woodruff’s strength, the hospital’s respiratory therapists weaned Mr. Woodruff from the tracheostomy tube and provided him with the tools needed to breathe independently again! Alongside this progress, Mr. Woodruff learned to walk with a rolling walker with minimal assistance from our rehabilitation team for up to 150 feet. His feeding tube was removed, and he could perform self-care activities with support. Mr. Woodruff was discharged to inpatient rehabilitation to continue his recovery! 

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