This is Our Why

Every Therapist Counts

Every therapist at Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to making an impact on the patients they serve.

Jarrett Hammond, OTR/L, DOR

In honor of Occupational Therapy Month, we’re proud to recognize Jarrett Hammond, Director of Rehabilitation at a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Bossier City, Louisiana, and all of the occupational therapists who commit to results for patients.

Jarrett has served in the occupational therapy field for over seven years. For the last three years, Jarrett has worked in long-term acute care to serve patients with complex medical needs. He specializes in neurological rehabilitation and is committed to helping patients regain their independence.   

Jarrett recognizes the impact occupational therapy holds in a successful outcome. He focuses his care on providing patients with the tools they need to restore their quality of life and return home.

Jarrett received a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from the University of Louisiana: Monroe. He earned a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Louisiana State University in Shreveport.

“At Resolute, it’s amazing what great results we can achieve when we all work together with the same vision.”

– Jarrett Hammond

Every Patient Counts

Our patients are at the core of who we are.

Mr. Wilson

Mr. Wilson transferred to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Bossier City, LA to receive continued care for complications from COVID-19. When he arrived, he was on a ventilator and required assistance for mobility. An occupational therapist on our Resolute team recognized that Mr. Wilson needed a spark to ignite his recovery. This team member helped Mr. Wilson shave his face so he could feel confident in his abilities. By the third week in our care, Mr. Wilson was weaned from the ventilator and walking without any assistance! After one month, Mr. Wilson returned home to his family! We’re inspired by Mr. Wilson’s desire to never give up, despite losing a loved one while recovering from COVID-19. Congratulations, Mr. Wilson!

Mr. Hartley

Mr. Hartley transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Tucson, Arizona after chronic obstructive pulmonary disease led to pneumonia and respiratory failure. When Mr. Hartley arrived, he was on a ventilator, confused, and unable to participate in any mobility activities. Our Resolute team collaborated with our hospital physicians and clinical team members to develop a customized treatment plan to help Mr. Hartley regain his prior level of independence. Mr. Hartley remained dedicated to his treatment plan and worked hard to reach his goals. Upon discharge, Mr. Hartley was weaned from the ventilator and able to walk again! We’re so thankful to help Mr. Hartley return home to his family! 

Mr. Melgar

Mr. Melgar transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Houston, Texas to recover from COVID-19 complications that left him confused and with limited mobility. Upon evaluation, Mr. Melgar was on a tracheostomy collar, weak, and unable to speak. He required assistance for mobility, activities of daily living and needed a feeding tube to eat. Upon discharge to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Mr. Melgar was able to walk 200 feet with a rolling walker and transfer with minimal assistance. Mr. Melgar progressed to set-up assistance for activities of daily living and enjoyed a soft diet with thin liquids. Alongside these improvements, Mr. Melgar was able to speak again! We were honored to hear Mr. Melgar’s voice and help him recover from COVID-19!

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