This is Our Why

Every Therapist Counts

Every therapist at Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to making an impact on the patients they serve.

Eva O. Patterson MA/CCC-SLP

Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is proud to announce our 2020 Employee of the Year, Eva Patterson! Eva is a speech-language pathologist at a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Houston, Texas. She has served as a speech-language pathologist for over a decade and received her degree from the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburgh, Texas. 

Eva embodies ‘R3 values’ on a daily basis. Eva’s background in acute care, skilled nursing, outpatient rehabilitation, and inpatient rehabilitation is a strong foundation for the care she provides.

A Resolute team member who nominated Eva for this award shared, “Every day that I have worked with Eva, she has gone above and beyond for all the patients in the hospital and for our rehabilitation team.”

Eva’s dedication to healing patients is rooted in compassion. She believes an understanding of the patient’s individual needs is the key to success. Eva strives to provide patients with a comprehensive understanding of their rehabilitation plan. One team member wrote, “Eva always takes the time to help out by translating treatment plans into Spanish for our Spanish-speaking families.”

“I’m blessed to work with a team that is supportive and provides a family atmosphere,” said Eva Patterson. Away from work, Eva enjoys making memories with her husband and her grandchildren.

“Rehabilitation provides patients with the opportunity to restore and enjoy their lives again.”

– Eva Patterson

Every Patient Counts

Our patients are at the core of who we are.

Ms. Fairchild

Ms. Fairchild transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Houston, Texas to receive continued care for COVID-19. When she arrived, Ms. Fairchild was short of breath, confused, required two liters of oxygen, and had difficulty swallowing. She required assistance from our team members for all mobility and self-care needs. Despite the challenges, Ms. Fairchild was motivated to recover from the side effects of COVID-19. She worked hard with our rehabilitation team and the hospital’s clinical team to rebuild her endurance and improve her respiratory function. After two weeks, Ms. Fairchild was able to walk 389 feet with supervision! She was able to perform all self-care activities independently! Ms. Fairchild discharged to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to continue to build on the progress she made with our Resolute team!

Mr. Marquez

Mr. Marquez transferred to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Round Rock, Texas from El Paso, Texas to continue to rehabilitate from COVID-19 and pneumonia. When he arrived, Mr. Marquez had a tracheostomy tube and needed supplemental oxygen. Mr. Marquez was confused and missed his family at home. During Mr. Marquez’s recovery, our Resolute team members became his temporary family. With this new bond, Mr. Marquez’s motivation increased. He was decannulated and began to make progress with our rehabilitation team. Through continued hard work and dedication, Mr. Marquez was able to walk 300 feet and breathe on his own! He headed home to El Paso to reunite with his family! Congratulations, Mr. Marquez!

Ms. Fixico

Ms. Fixico was admitted to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in Shawnee, Oklahoma to recover from COVID-19. When she arrived, Ms. Fixico was on a ventilator with a tracheostomy tube to help her breathe. She was unable to perform any self-care activities and needed assistance from two team members to move. Our Resolute team collaborated on a treatment plan with hospital staff to help Ms. Fixico rebuild her strength and restore her ability to breathe independently. Although her treatment plan was challenging, Ms. Fixico’s grandchildren inspired her to keep fighting. After weeks of hard work, Ms. Fixico was weaned from the ventilator and no longer needed a tracheostomy tube. Upon discharge to an inpatient rehabilitation facility, Ms. Fixico was able to walk with a rolling walker for up to 100 feet. Great work, Ms. Fixico!

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