This is Our Why

Every Therapist Counts

Every therapist at Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is committed to making an impact on the patients they serve.

Idalia Gonzalez, Rehabilitation Technician

Meet Idalia, Employee of the Year at a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in McAllen, Texas! As a rehab technician, Idalia believes connecting with patients will motivate them to reach their goals.

“Idalia makes sure a patient is comfortable,” said Jet Cruz, Director of Rehabilitation. “She ensures that all of their needs are taken care of, from repositioning them or grabbing them water or juice to drink.”

For 15 years, Idalia has been dedicated to patient outcomes at the McAllen hospital where Resolute oversees the rehabilitation program. Through quality care, Idalia encourages patients to partake in all functional activities for better success.

Idalia is a graduate of McAllen High School. When Idalia joined the medical field, she began her career as a CNA before finding her purpose as a rehabilitation technician. She is honored to work in McAllen and positively impact the city she has known all her life.

Resolute is all about restoring a patient’s ability to function. It’s incredible to watch a patient walk or sit up in the chair again.”

– Idalia Gonzalez

Every Patient Counts

Our patients are at the core of who we are.

Ms. DeBall

After complications from a stroke, Ms. DeBall underwent a craniotomy to relieve the swelling and pressure on her brain. When she transitioned to a Resolute-managed rehabilitation unit in McAllen, Texas, she was on a ventilator and required a feeding tube to receive her nutrition.

During her evaluation, Ms. DeBall struggled to communicate and needed total assistance to sit in her hospital bed. Despite these challenges, Ms. DeBall was motivated to rebuild her life. During every step of her recovery, Ms. DeBall’s family stood by her side and supported her care plan.

With the dedication of our team, Ms. DeBall’s perseverance, and motivation from her loved ones, she accomplished her goals! Ms. DeBall was weaned from the ventilator! In her last physical therapy session before discharging to a skilled nursing facility, Ms. DeBall could get out of bed with minimal assistance and walk 120 feet with help from our Resolute team. Congratulations, Ms. DeBall!

Ms. Cederlind

In May, Ms. Cederlind was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome. She transitioned to Cornerstone Specialty Hospitals Round Rock in June to receive intensive care and prepare for inpatient rehabilitation at Resolute. Upon arrival at Cornerstone, Ms. Cederlind required a tracheostomy tube to support her breathing and a feeding tube to receive her nutrition. She couldn’t perform self-care or mobility activities without maximum assistance from the rehabilitation team. Despite these challenges, Ms. Cederlind was determined to rebuild her life. At Cornerstone, Ms. Cederlind’s condition improved. Her tracheostomy tube was removed, and she gained strength and endurance!  After she was medically stabilized and made some functional progress, she was transferred to Resolute Rehabilitation for the next stage in her journey. When she arrived, although still weak, Ms. Cederlind was motivated to achieve her next goal – to return home. Under the guidance of our team, Ms. Cederlind continued to make great strides. Her feeding tube was removed, and she returned to a normal diet. She was able to perform daily living activities independently and walk independently with a cane!  As she was discharged from Resolute to return home, the Resolute and Cornerstone team cheered for Ms. Cederlind as she walked down the hallway!

Ms. Cordova

After suffering from respiratory failure and complex abdominal wounds, Ms. Cordova transitioned to a Tucson hospital where Resolute manages rehabilitation services. When she arrived, she was on a ventilator and relied on the Resolute team to move from her hospital bed and walk.

As part of a personalized treatment plan, Ms. Cordova was weaned from the ventilator and enhanced her strength and endurance. She began to transfer from her hospital bed with supervision and take her first steps. As her wounds healed, Ms. Cordova’s mobility began to improve. When preparing for discharge, Ms. Cordova could walk 90 feet using a walker!

With this progress, Ms. Cordova was discharged home, where she will receive home health services. We’re honored to help Ms. Cordova return home to her loved ones.

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